Terms and Conditions:-

Hello Foodjammers, we have some new earning sources for you where you can earn even more from the Foodjam app. Please follow the below details.


Important updates:-

1. The creator’s earnings via content uploading is shutting down from 5th April 2024.

2. The newly revamped program earning via content will be out soon in the next month.

3. Still creators can earn by-product selling commissions, contests, campaigns, workshops, etc.



1. Upload food videos/content (recipes, food reviews, product reviews, restaurant reviews, new food discovery) on the app in a month, now you earn up to ₹100 per video depending on the followers on the Foodjam app from the 15th march 2024 to 4th April 2024.

2. You need a minimum of 50 followers to start earning. The creator who has less than 50 followers on the Foodjam app, will not be able to earn from content uploading/videos but you can earn in many ways on Foodjam as described in the table below.

4. The creator who has 50+ followers on the Foodjam app, will be able to earn more from content uploading/videos as described in the table below.

5. Only 2 videos will be counted per day, more than 2 videos won’t be counted in earnings for content in a day.

6. There is no limit for uploading content in a day. You can grow your account by sharing and uploading content as well as your profile.

6. If you are creating recipes you can pick products from our marketplace and tag those products. The product tag gets on your shop page and can be shared on other platforms. Any sale on those products through your page will get you a 5% commission on each product sold ( selling price).

7. A commission of 5% will be only applicable when the order is successfully delivered. After 7 days of the order delivery date (D+7) days, you will be eligible to get the amount (if the order/product is returned then no commission. if returned after D+7, the commission of that order will be debited in the next month.

8. You can participate in various contests and win some amazing prizes.

9. You can earn by setting up a workshop on Foodjam.

10. You can also earn from joining a live campaign running on the Foodjam app.

11. You can also earn from exclusive content and menu selling on the Foodjam app.

12. Tip: increase your followers by sharing your profile on other social media platforms.

13. For payouts your PAN details should be verifed by our team as per your registered email & profile name. Using other’s PAN will not be considered verfied as payout.


Earning schema:-

Followers on Foodjam< 5050+ 
Earn from content/videosEarning per video0₹100
Maximum videos to earn020 
Minimum videos to earnNo LimitNo Limit 
Eligible video for earning per day22 
Upload videos in a monthNo LimitNo Limit 
Earn from product sellingCommission ( on product selling price)5%5%
Earn from workshopAs per workshopAs per workshop 
Earn from campaignDepends on campaignDepends on campaign 
Earn from exclusive contentComing SoonComing Soon 
Earn from menu sellingComing SoonComing Soon 



1. Do not put content/videos other than food. You may get banned from the platform.

2. Do not put repeated/content/videos. Those videos will be deleted. Repeated offenses can get you banned.

3. Any form of plagiarism will not be accepted. Content needs to be original and yours. It cannot be copied or stolen from another creator or other social media platforms. The content should be yours. You will be immediately banned if we receive any complaint.

4. Please ensure to tag products only if you have used them in your content. Any kind of discrepancy found and you may again be banned.


We are bringing in more features, in case you are interested in hosting cooking classes, workshops, menu selling, or home food experiences, mail us for any query, at support@foodjam.in with your details. Teams will reach out to you.