Top 6 Home Chefs to order from in Delhi

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By Devayani Puranik

If the year 2020-21 has got us to a point of commonality, then it is food and cooking. For some of us it was the passion for cooking that kicked in and for some it was fun, experimentations and innovations.

All in all, it has also brought us delectable food from home kitchens of home chefs. From your weekend cravings, to work days longing to parties hankering, we have got it all covered for you. Here is our pick of six most innovative and cool home chefs whose feast you cannot miss, when in Delhi!

1. Shehnaz Siddique’s Begums Legacy

Shehnaz Siddiqui hails from Bhopal and belongs to an established traditional culinary family. She is a well-known face in the food and beverage industry for working globally in different portfolios. Shehnaz founded her company, ‘Jannat Delight,’ an import & export business and businesses consultant farm in FMCG. Currently based in Delhi, the lockdown allowed her to explore her passion and love for cooking, that lead to creating her venture Begum’s Legacy with a special menu of her Khandaani Recipes & Bhopali cuisine. It is carried on since generations in her family. Her dishes are known for having an authentic taste, and has a loyal fanbase in Delhi.

Cuisines: Bhopali / adaptation of Persian & Mughalai

Begum Legacy’s Special: Afsana-e-Keema, Paneer Pasanda, Mutton Shami Kebabs, Murg Mughali, Aloo Ghosht

Area of Delivery: Across Delhi

Additional Information: 24-hours prior order notice, delivery charges on actuals, open 7 days a week, orders for family meals, gatherings and parties.

Contact: 9654884421,

Instagram: begumslegacy

2. Radhika Singhal’s SuRaBo

Started by a 22-year-old, Radhika, SuRaBo stands for Sushi burgers, Ramen burger and Bubble tea, these 3 products being the foundation of the brand. Radhika has always had the knack for cooking. Her graduation college overseas made her realize the variety of cuisines and flavors that she wanted to introduce in the Indian food market. She believes in innovation along with quality and taste, and wants to provide gastronomical food experience. SuRaBo is unique concept in the capital with a goal to provide food delicacies that are different and unique, to give something new to the market and explore new dishes keeping intact the authentic flavors. The whole idea is to provide something innovative to the consumers. All the delicacies are homemade and 100% vegetarian.

SuRaBo’s Special: Sushi cupcakes, sushi cakes, sushi burgers, ramen burgers

Area of Delivery: Across Delhi

Additional Information: Open 7 days a week, 24 hours prior order notice, delivery charges on actuals, perfect food for weekends, gatherings, parties and giftings.

Contact: 9910625711,

Instagram: surabobyradhika

3. Soumojoy (SHOM) Dutta & Sonal Shah’s Double Double

Double Double born in the lockdown is run by Sonal Shah and Shom Dutta (@toutress and @moshypit on Instagram), a Sunday dinner only service. They met in 2016 and have been cooking and eating most of their meals together ever since. The name Double Double was chosen by the couple for some obvious reasons: there’s the two (they do pretty much everything themselves, including clean-up), and in their menus they try to find a happy balance between contrasting flavours and their fairly different approaches to cooking. “The reference to Macbeth’s witches also signals a few things: the alchemical magic of cooking food; that they like to keep trying unexpected ingredients; and that their food is for open-minded rather than finicky eaters. Finally, it’s also a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously - that toil and trouble are all part of the fun” says Dutta and Shah.

Cuisine: International

Double Double’s Special: various pork’s & buff curries, regional rice variations, salads

Area of Delivery: Across Delhi

Additional Information: Limited portion Sunday delivery, delivery charges on actuals, Sunday dinners, only WhatsApp pre-bookings, menu release on Thursdays, limited portions with selling time of an hour or two.

Contact: 9836376969

Instagram: doubledouble_delhi

4. Chitrangada Gupta’s Boju’s Kitchen

Boju means “Grandma” in Nepali and Boju’s Kitchen is an enterprise by a mother and daughter. Now, a trio of grandmother, mother and daughter based in Delhi, the lockdown got them an idea to start a home kitchen and serve the people of the city. Darjeeling is the city of momos and the mother hails from Darjeeling, who has always loved making momos that were loved by people all around them. With the special spices used in preparation of momos and its unique taste, it is one the most popular and loved street foods in Delhi. Momos are simple yet as delicious as they are experiment-worthy, making them an instant hit with global as well as local taste buds. The trio aims to serve clean, authentic, home-made, Nepali cuisine, specifically Momo to the urban denizens of South Delhi including Saket.

Cuisine: Nepali

Boju’s Kitchen Special: Momo

Area of Delivery: South Delhi, Saket

Additional Information: Delivery charges on actuals, no minimum order, open for small gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries, serving Covid meals to people, medical deliverables available too

Contact: 8851974689,

Instagram: bojuskitchen

5. Kishi Arora’s FOODAHOLICS

Kishi is a food consultant and has a rich experience of 16 years in the food industry. Since 2007 her journey with food has been, as she loves to describe it as ‘an interesting and wavy curve’. She started FOODAHOLICS s with her mother, did pop starters for people to try her mother’s food at their home. At FOODAHOLICS you will find 360-degree offerings - technical food consulting, a trained Chef on board and perfectly executed desserts by Kishi. Mama-k Treats by FOODAHOLICS is managed by Kishi’s mother. The duo is the right choice to order from if you want to satisfy your tummy with ghar ka khana followed by a delicious dessert.

Cuisine: Vegetarian, Hone style food

Foodaholic’s Special: Ambi Ki Sabzi, Malai Tinda, Bharva Tinda, Ghiya Kofta

Additional Information: Proper home meals, 24-28 hours window for order, different menu on different days

Contact: 9873164293,

Instagram: foodaholicsdelhi , mamaktreats

6. Ayandrali Dutta’s AD’s COOKHOUSE

Ayandrali came to Delhi for her studies and slowly her career took off here being a journalist. She often had to eat outside but her love and preference for home cooked meals was always on the top. So, she started cooking her own food. Always fond of exploring new taste and flavors, cooking came naturally to her. Finally, she starting her journey as a home chef. ‘The credit goes to Ruchika, actually she pushed me to do my first home pop-up that I did with CommEat years back’ says Ayandrali.

Cuisine: Bengali & Odia

Ayandrali’s special: Fish and meat dishes

Area of Delivery: Noida

Additional Information: 12 hours’ order notice period, delivery in Noida only, delivery charges on actuals, self-pick up works too

Contact: 9999830703,

Instagram: adcookhouse

pics: Soumojoy (SHOM) Dutta & Sonal Shah’S Double Double, Shehnaz Siddique’s Begums Legacy, Radhika Singhal’s SuRaBo, , Chitrangada Gupta’s Boju’s Kitchen, Kishi Arora’s Foodaholic’s, Ayandrali Dutta’s ADCOOKHOUSE

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